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The routers which use as the Default IP Address can be accessed by the Router Admin panel to change their various settings. The users will need to access the admin panel of the router using this Default IP Address. They will be able to manage various aspects of the router settings according to the need. Sometimes, the users are not able to access the admin panel using the Default IP Address. here we will discuss the problem of Admin Login Error & the solutions to overcome this. Admin Login Error Admin Login Error

Whenever a user finds the login error while accessing the admin panel he gets disturbed. This error can occur due to some manual error or due to technical issues. But this error can be resolved very easily. We have a solution for this problem. The users will have to keep calm & try the best methodology to overcome the login error issue. This methodology is given here in the article.

How to resolve the Admin Login Error?

The users will be able to resolve the login error in an easy way with the help of the procedure details given below.

  • Make sure that the is the Default IP Address of the router. It will also be written on the label of the router. The users can also find the default router gateway by checking this link. How to Find Default Router IP?
  • If the default router IP is correct then check the internet connection which the device is using. User must connect the device with the router.
  • Make sure the correctly spelt in the search bar. If not use http//: in the search bar.

  • Make sure the admin password & admin user id are correct. If not try using default id & password. It will be available to users from router label. Check Admin Login
  • If the default admin password & Id don’t work, try resetting the router.

Private IP Address

if the Admin Login error is still active the user can go for  Reset Router Settings. When the user gets the admin access then the user can also Change Wifi Name & Wifi Admin Username. If the user still has issues in Login error then let us know about the problem. We will help the users as soon as possible.

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  3. Suryani

    I have reset my Huawei Modem model E5673s-609 to factory setting ( by pressing small reset button in the device ) but I still can’t login to using default admin user id and password.
    It is always said wrong user id and password .
    How to fix this ?


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