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The is a Default IP Address which is used by manufacturers. This Default IP Address is used by one of the known manufacturer Huwaei. This can be used to access the admin console of the router. The users will be able to connect their devices with the internet using this default gateway or IP address.

This is a Private IP Address so it can not be assigned to the devices which are linked to the router. The users can also access the interface of the router by using the admin console of the

How a device can acquire as an IP Address?

Whenever a device will try to connect with the internet through the router it will be served with an IP Address by the router. This IP Address can be IP Address. A router can assign this IP Address mainly by using the following procedures.

  • through DHCP model.
  • or the admin can assign this IP to a device manually.

These methods will be used by the router or by the admin of the network to assign this IP Address to the device. Users should also check

How to Assign IP Address?

How to Know about Default IP Address

The users will be able to know about the Default IP Address which their devices are using from the network settings of their devices. They will be able to get information about the Default IP Address from the router. The devices which can be used to get the default IP address are as follows.

These devices can be used to get the details of the default gateway. There will be a simple procedure to find the default gateway from these devices.

How to Open Admin Console

The users will have to access the Admin Console by using the admin username & password. They will be able to access the various functionalities of the router using the admin console. The users will have to follow the procedure details to get access to the admin panel.

  • First of all power on the router.
  • Now open the browser in the device.
  • Search for in the browser search bar.

  • Enter the Log in crednetials.

  • Now the users can access the various settings of the router.

Things to Know about Admin Password & Wifi Password

The Admin Password & Wifi Password are 2 different entities. These are also for 2 distinct functions. Thus it is necessary to know about these terms. The details of these terms are as follows.

  • The Admin password will provide the access to the admin panel of the router. On the other hand, Wifi password will provide the access to the internet using the default IP Address.
  • Users can change various settings of the router & network by using the Admin Password.
  • The Admin can change the Wifi password by using the Admin password.

Change Wifi Admin & Wifi Password

Need for Login Credentials

The users will need the login details to open the admin panel. They will be able to modify or change the router settings according to their need. If the user has forgotten the security key then they can use the login credentials to change the wifi security key. They can also manage various other aspects of the network using the login credentials. Some of the important functions that can be accessed by the user by using the login details are as follows.

Dynamic IP Address

Error in Establishing Connection with What to Do Now?

If the user is getting an error while establishing a connection with then they must not worry. They must follow the troubleshooting procedure to overcome this error. The details of the procedure to resolve this error are as follows.

  • Check the router connections properly.

  • Now check the default gateway details on the router or router manual.
  • Check whether the is correctly entered in the search bar.

  • They can also change the device or browser to access the admin panel.

The users can overcome the Admin Login Error by following this procedure.

All these details will help the user to access the admin panel of the router. The user can also overcome the login error situation by using these details. If the users still have an issue in relation to then they must connect with us to clarify their doubts.

Default Username & Password for Routers using as Default IP

Some of the router manufacturers use the as Default router IP. Therefore we have a list of Default usernames & passwords for the router which uses this IP as default IP.

Name of the router Admin User ID Admin User Password
3JTech 3G admin admin
Huawei E5330 admin admin
NEXX WT3020 admin admin
GIGAFAST EE400-R blank admin
Adaptec AWN-8084 admin Password
Medialink MWN-WAPR300N admin admin