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Backup the Router

Use of router in a Local Area Network When we talk about the use of the router in the local network, we must know that the router is the main part of the local area network. It acts as the internet provider or the Default gateway to the internet for the devices on the network. The router is… Read More »

Router Firmware Upgrade

Router A router is a device which is used in the local area networks. This device is the most important device in a local network. The router is supposed to provide internet connectivity to the devices in a local network. It also provides devices with IP Addresses ( It also acts as the Default gateway for the local… Read More »

Restore Default Settings of Router

Functions of Router A router in a local network is a vital component. If the router will not work properly in the local network then it will not be possible to get the internet connection on the device in a local network. It also provides various functions which are necessary for the local network. The router works as… Read More »

Static IP Address

IP Address An IP Address can be defined as an internet address for a device which is connected with the internet. This address helps the device to collect or send information over the internet. The IP Address ( can also act as the Default router IP Address for many router manufacturers. It can also act as a Default… Read More »

Dynamic IP Address

IP Address When we use the internet connection on our device then it uses an address to establish a connection with the internet. This address is known as the IP Address. The full form of IP Address is the Internet Protocol Address. This is a set of logical numbers which represents the address of the particular device on… Read More »

How to Assign IP Address?

The concept of IP Address Whenever a device connects with the internet, it uses an IP Address to communicate with the internet. Now many of us will say what does this IP Address mean. An IP Address is known as the Internet Protocol Address of the device or in simple words the internet address of the device. This… Read More »

How to Change Wifi Password?

What is Wifi Password? A wifi password is a security key which is required to connect a device with a public or private wifi network. This is similar to a key of the lock which opens the gate to the internet over a wifi connection. The admin of a wifi network can make or modify this password to… Read More »