Change Wifi Admin & Wifi Password

By | May 16, 2019

Change Wifi Admin & Wifi Password

The wifi users will be familiar with the terms Wifi Admin & Wifi Password. These terms help the users to get the benefit of the internet connection from the router. But sometimes, the user gets puzzled with these terms. These terms are totally different. The users can also Change Wifi Admin & Wifi Password. So check out the difference between these terms as given below.

The Wifi Admin Password, is the key to access the admin panel of the router. Whereas, the wifi passowrd is the key to access internet over wifi of the router.

The users can change these passwords if they have admin access. Here we will talk about how to Change Wifi Admin & Wifi Password.

Modify Wifi Admin Password

The users will be able to Modify the Wifi Admin Password if the user has the Admin access. Here is the detailed version of the procedure to Modify Wifi Admin Password.

  • Connect the device with the wifi network.
  • Now open browser application in the device.
  • If the Default Gateway of the router is then search for the Default IP Address in the search bar.

  • Now the Admin Login Panel will open.

Change Wifi Admin & Wifi Password

  • User will have to fill the login details to open the admin panel. The user can also check Admin Login details.
  • Go to the advanced settings.
  • Now define new Wifi Admin Password from here.

Change Wifi Name & Wifi Admin Username

Change Wifi Password

The user will also be able to define or change the wifi password for the router. They will need to follow the simple steps as given below.

  • The Admin Login procedure will remain same as given above.
  • Open the advanced settings menu.
  • Click on Wifi Password.
  • Define the value of Wifi Password & submit.
  • The wifi password is changed now.

Through this procedure, the user can change the wifi admin & wifi password easily. If there is any doubt in the details. Then they must comment below. We will deliver a solution for the doubt as soon as possible.

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