Difference Between Static & Dynamic IP Address

By | April 27, 2019

IP Address

An IP Address ( is the key component for a device if the device needs to be connected with the internet. It is known as the internet address for a device connected with the internet. The IP Address is a set of logical numbers as assigned by the IANA authority (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. It can also behave like the Default Gateway in a local area network. The IP Address can also act as the Default Router IP Address for the routers in the network. These are also of various types. In this article, we will discuss the details of the “Difference Between Static & Dynamic IP Address“. So the students must follow us to get these details.

What are Dynamic & Static IPs?

Before discussing details of the difference between these, we must know what actually does the term means. So according to the definition of Dynamic IP, it is a type of IP Address which keeps changing. On the other hand, the Static IP Address is a type of address which doesn’t change. It is also known as the Fixed IP Address. Now we can discuss the difference between these terms in details. Therefore the differences between these terms are as follows.

Difference Between Static & Dynamic IP Address

Difference Between Static & Dynamic IP Address

The differences between these IP Addresses can help the users to choose the IP Address according to their need. Some of the differences are as follows.

Dynamic IP Address Static IP Address
Keeps changing Fixed IP Address
Allocated by DHCP model Can be allocated by both DHCP & manually
Available to a device on lease Available permanently
High security of data & device Can be vulnerable to cyber attacks
Less maintenance needed Regular maintenance of IPs needed
Reduces IP Address conflict chances Can lead to IP Address conflicts
Will not be helpful in remote access Helps in remote access of the devices
Devices like printers etc will start malfunctioning Suitable for devices like printers etc in a network

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