Find Default Router IP in iPhone

By | May 16, 2019

Default Router IP Address

The Default Router IP Address or Default Gateway can be defined as the Default IP Address of the router which is received to the router from ISP. This IP Address (Say allows the user to communicate with the internet. The users will be able to access various information from the internet through this IP Address. The users can also do Admin Login of the router using the Default Router IP. If the user doesn’t know about the default router IP then the user can check it from the device which he/she is using. Here we will talk about the procedure to “Find Default Router IP in iPhone“. This procedure will easily find the details for the user.

How to Assign IP Address?

How the Default Router IP Works?

It is very important to know about the functionality of the Default router IP. When a user searches for anything on the internet then the input is transformed in the form of DNS. This DNS input then comes to the Default Gateway & passed to the internet. The results will also come to the router in the form of DNS & then to the user device. This DNS input from the router will be displayed in the form of information on the user device screen. From this, we can say that the router IP works as an intermediate between the User device & the internet.

How to Change Wifi Password?

Find Default Router IP in iPhone

The user can find Default Router IP from the iPhone in a simple way. They will have to follow the steps as listed below to find the details of the router IP.

  • Go the settings from menu.
  • Now Tap on Wifi.

Find Default Router IP in iPhone

  • Open the conected wifi network.
  • Tap on the info icon.
  • The Default router IP details will be displayed there.

Check Default Router IP Details in Android

This procedure can help the users to get the details of the default router IP in an easy way. The users can also contact us to get answers to their queries. The user can also implement this procedure to get the details of Default Router IP in iPad.

How to Find Default Router IP?

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