How to Assign IP Address?

By | April 15, 2019

The concept of IP Address

Whenever a device connects with the internet, it uses an IP Address to communicate with the internet. Now many of us will say what does this IP Address mean. An IP Address is known as the Internet Protocol Address of the device or in simple words the internet address of the device. This is used by the device to communicate with the internet. The Internet Service Provider & the router assigns the IP Address to the devices which are connected with the internet. These use various methods to assign the IP Address. here we will discuss How to Assign IP Address? So the users must check the article to get these details.

How to Assign IP Address?

Methods which can be used to assign IP

The network administrators & Internet service providers use various methods to provide an IP Address. They keep a track of the data usage by the devices by allocating them with an IP Address. Some of the common methods used by these to assign IP Address to the devices are as follows.

  • Manually.
  • Using DHCP.

These methods are used by the ISP & routers to assign an IP Address to the devices in a local network.

How to Assign IP Address?

The administrator of the local area network can assign IP Address to any device in a network. Admin will need to access the admin panel to allocate this IP Address to any device. The full procedure to assign this IP is as follows.

  • In a device which is connected with the router network, open any browser.
  • Now type the default router IP (eg 192.168.x.x) & hit enter.
  • Login with the admin login details.
  • Go to the DHCP Client settings.
  • Here enter the MAC address of the device & enter the IP Address details.
  • Submit these details.

The particular device will now be configured with IP Address.

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