How to Change Wifi Password?

By | March 9, 2019

What is Wifi Password?

A wifi password is a security key which is required to connect a device with a public or private wifi network. This is similar to a key of the lock which opens the gate to the internet over a wifi connection. The admin of a wifi network can make or modify this password to the desired one through the admin panel of the router. For this, the user will require the Wifi admin username & password.

If the admin of the wifi network wants to change the wifi password to a new one then they must check this article. Here, they will get a simplified version of the steps which will help them to change the wifi password.

How to Change Wifi Password?

The main requirements to change the wifi password are as follows.

By using these details, the admin can change the wireless security key easily. The admin must check the procedure details as given below to change the wifi password.

  • connect the device with the network using wifi or the user can also use ethernet cable to do this.
  • Now open any internet browser in the device.
  • Type http//: in the search bar & hit enter.

  • Now the admin will have to fill the login credentials in the login console. Check Admin Login
  • Now the user will have to click on Wifi settings.
  • Define the new wifi password here & submit.
  • The password of the wifi network is now changed.

This procedure can help the user to redefine the wifi password. If the user still having issues then let us know via the comments section. We will get back with the best solution for the particular issue.

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