How to Find Default Router IP?

By | May 16, 2019

Default Router IP (Default Gateway)

The term Default Router IP defines the IP Address which is being assigned by the ISP to the router. The IANA authority regulates the availability of the Default IP. In the case of IP, this IP is not used commonly. The manufacturers like Huawei, Adaptec, Gigafast etc use this IP as the Default IP Address for their routers. The users will be able to access the router settings with the help of this IP. But sometimes the user didn’t know about the Default IP of their router. In this case, they will not be able to access the Admin Panel. We will help the users by providing them with the details of “How to Find Default Router IP?”. So they must check the details as given here.

How to Find Default Router IP?

If the user doesn’t know about the default gateway of their router then they can check the default gateway by using some simple steps on the basis of the device which they are using. Some of the devices which can be used to check the default gateway are as follows.

How to Find Default Router IP?

All these links can lead the user to the pages which will have a detailed version of the details of the procedure to get the Default Router IP Address. Therefore the user must check these links to get the details.

To Find Default Router Using Android Device

The Android Device Users must follow these steps to check the Default IP Address of their router.

  • Open the Wifi Settings from the settings menu.
  • Click on Wifi network connection.

  • Tap on advanced menu.
  • Check the default gateway.

To Find Default Router IP in Windows OS

The users of the Windows device can find the Default IP easily with the following details.

  • Open Command Prompt in the Device.

  • Type ipconfig & press enter.

  • The Default gateway details will be on Screen.

How to Get Default IP Details from MAC OS Device

The MAC OS operated device users can check the details of the Default Gateway with the help of these details.

  • Open the Terminal from the settings.
  • Use the command “netsat -nr | grep default”.
  • The Default gateway details will be displayed on the screen.

Finding Default Gateway in iPhone/iPad

The iPhone & iPad users must check the steps to find the Default Gateway which is as follows.

  • Open the settings.
  • Tap on Wifi.
  • Tap on Wifi connection currently connected with.
  • Tap on information icon.
  • The Default Gateway details will be on screen.

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