Install Backup on Router

By | April 24, 2019

Functions of a Router

The router is the key component of the Local Area Network. This act as the internet connection provider for the devices connected in a local network. The router also acts as the Default Gateway to provide the working internet connection. It also serves the IP Addresses ( to the devices in a local network. The network admins can also modify various settings of the router through the admin panel of the router. They can also take a backup of the router. The network admins can also upload the backup on the router in case of router malfunctioning. Here we will discuss “Install Backup on Router” which will help the users in this procedure.

What is a Backup?

A backup can be defined as the blueprint of the settings made and stored on the local storage disk. This helps the user to restore the settings of a device in case of malfunctioning of the device due to the problems of software or firmware. In case of a router, the backup is the file of settings, passwords firmware which can be restored when the router starts malfunctioning while changing settings or other operations. The process to restore a backup is very easy on a router.

Install Backup on Router

Backup the Router

Install Backup on Router

The process to restore the backup on the router is very easy. This can be done easily from the admin panel of the router. The procedure involved in restoring the backup is as follows.

  • Open the admin panel of the router or check Admin Login
  • Now go to the router settings menu.
  • Click on Backup.
  • Open link to restore backup.
  • Choose the bqackup file from the device storage.
  • Click on proceed.
  • The router will now restore the backup on the mainframe.

if you need to know more about the restoration of the backup then leave a comment below to ask any query.

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