How to Reset Router Settings?

Default Router IP The Default Router IP can be defined as the Default IP Address of the router which is received from the ISP (Say This IP Address can help the users to establish an internet connection in the device. This can also be defined as the internet address of the router through which the router sends… Read More »

Change Wifi Name & Wifi Admin Username

Default Router IP Address The Default Router IP Address can be defined as the IP Address ( which is assigned by the manufacturer or ISP to the router. This IP Address can be used to access the Admin panel of the router. Through the router admin panel, the user can modify various settings of the router. Here in… Read More »

Default Router IP Address

IP Address The IP Address is the most important thing if a device has to establish an internet connection. It is a set of logical numbers which behave like the internet address of the device while accessing information over the internet. These addresses play an important role while using the internet connection. The IP can also act as… Read More »


PPPoE The term PPPoE stands for the Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet. This protocol is specifically used to connect multiple users on an Ethernet Network in a local area. It is generally used in an office where many users share a common DSL line to connect with the internet. This protocol is used by the Internet Services Provides to… Read More »


L2TP The term L2TP is known as the “Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol“. This protocol is the further extension of the Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP). The protocol is used by the Internet Services providers to start Virtual private networking (VPN) over the internet for their subscribers. We can also say that this protocol is a combination of the protocols… Read More »


QoS The term QoS defines the “Quality of Service” in a local network. This term signifies the quality of the internet connection as served by the router to the devices in the local network. This is a feature of many modern DSL routers which improves the internet connectivity of the routers. The various features like jitter, latency, packet… Read More »


DHCP The term DHCP stands for “Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol“. This is a protocol widely used in the networking world. The protocol helps in assigning the IP Addresses ( to the devices. This protocol is widely used by the ISPs & the network admins for the assigning the IP Addresses. The protocol dynamically assigns the IP & other… Read More »

Private IP Address

IP Address The term IP Address is the Internet Protocol Address of a device. In simple words, this is the internet address ( of the device which is connected with the internet. Without having a valid IP, the device will not be able to communicate with the internet. The IP Addresses are also classified in various types depending… Read More »

Public IP Address

IP Address An IP Address ( is known as the internet address of the device. The IP Address also stands for Internet Protocol Address. These IP Address also have various types. This classification of the IP Addresses is on the basis of the various parameters. The IP Addresses are classified on the basis of type, use, protocol version,… Read More »

Difference Between Static & Dynamic IP Address

IP Address An IP Address ( is the key component for a device if the device needs to be connected with the internet. It is known as the internet address for a device connected with the internet. The IP Address is a set of logical numbers as assigned by the IANA authority (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. It can… Read More »