Private IP Address

By | April 30, 2019

IP Address

The term IP Address is the Internet Protocol Address of a device. In simple words, this is the internet address ( of the device which is connected with the internet. Without having a valid IP, the device will not be able to communicate with the internet. The IP Addresses are also classified in various types depending on nature, use & protocol version. Here we will discuss the details of the “Private IP Address” in this article. Hence the users must follow the article to get these details.

Private IP Address

The term Private IP is derived from the area of usage of the IP Address. Private IPs are used in the local area networks. These are specially reserved IPs as per the IANA. The routers in the local area networks provide these IPs to the devices in the local networks. These IPs can also act as the Default Router IP Addresses which can be used to access the admin panel of the router. Here we will enlist the details of the private IP ranges & their uses in detail. So the users must follow the article to get these details.

Private IP Address

Private IP Range & Use

The ranges of the private IPs are as follows.

  1. to (24 Bit)
  2. to (20 Bit)
  3. to (16 Bit)
  4. to (For APIPA use only)
  5. to (For use carrier-grade NAT environments)
  6. 127.0..0.0 to (reserved for Loopback purpose only).

Private IP Allocation

In a local network, the router provides the IP Addresses to the devices which are connected with the network. These routers use various methods to allocate IP Addresses to the devices. Some of the methods used to allocate Private IPs are as follows.

These are some of the important details of Private IPs. if the users still have issues in the details of Private IPs then ask your questions from the comments section. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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