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By | April 29, 2019

IP Address

An IP Address ( is known as the internet address of the device. The IP Address also stands for Internet Protocol Address. These IP Address also have various types. This classification of the IP Addresses is on the basis of the various parameters. The IP Addresses are classified on the basis of type, use, protocol version, allocation method. On the basis of use of the IP Address, the Public IP Address is also a type of the IP Addresses. Here we will discuss the Public IP in detail. So the users must follow us to get these details.

Public IP Address

Public IP Address

The Public IP Address is the address which is served to a device or website or server at the time of internet connection. This IP Address is unique for a device as it will not change until & unless the ISP doesn’t change the IP Address for a device. The IETF, NAT & IANA makes various principles to provide this IP Address to the devices connected with the internet.

Use & Allocation of Public IP Address

Public IPs are used in various forms. These IPs are allocated to the devices or to other uses by the International Numbers Assigned Authority (IANA). Public IP is also used to host a website. It also finds use in setting up of Data server on the internet. These IPs are very useful in communicating over the internet. These are responsible to recognise a device or website on the internet as it will act as the internet address of the device. In a local network, the router receives this IP Address from the ISP. This IP is distributed to the device or website at the time of connection with the internet. If you need to know more about this IP then you must leave a comment below.

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