Restore Default Settings of Router

By | April 20, 2019

Functions of Router

A router in a local network is a vital component. If the router will not work properly in the local network then it will not be possible to get the internet connection on the device in a local network. It also provides various functions which are necessary for the local network. The router works as the default gateway which encodes & decodes the information being received or sent to the internet by the devices in a local network. It also provides the IP Addresses to the devices which are connected in the local network. Sometimes the router doesn’t work properly or the admin access to the router is lost. Then in that case router needs to be restored to factory settings. Here we will discuss the procedure to Restore Default Settings of Router. Therefore the users must check the article.

Methods to Restore Default Settings of Router

A network admin can use various methods to reset the router to the defaults mainly in two ways. Those ways are given below.

  • Hard Reset method.
  • Through Admin Panel.

These methods are described in details below. So the users must check the article to get these details.

Restore Default Settings of Router

Restoring Router to Defaults through Hard Reset Method

When the user doesn’t have the admin access then this method can be used. The details of the method are as follows.

  • Turn on the router .
  • Now look for the reset button on the router. Generally, it will be available in back side of the router.
  • Now Press this button for 10 to 15 seconds & release.
  • The router will now start rebooting to factory default settings.

Router Defaults through Admin panel

If the admin access details are available then the following method can help.

  • Access the admin panel of the router or check Admin login.
  • Go to the router settings.
  • Click on factory default option.
  • Now click on Restore to defaults.
  • Now the router will reboot to have factory default settings.

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