Router Firmware Upgrade

By | April 21, 2019


A router is a device which is used in the local area networks. This device is the most important device in a local network. The router is supposed to provide internet connectivity to the devices in a local network. It also provides devices with IP Addresses ( It also acts as the Default gateway for the local network through which the devices can connect with the internet. It works on an operating system. This operating system is often called as the firmware of the router. Today we will discuss the details of the Router Firmware Upgrade. So the users must check the article to get all these details.

What is Router Firmware?

Router firmware is known as the program on which the router works. This is the reason for all the functions of the router in the local network. This firmware is provided by the manufacturers. The manufacturers release the updates for the firmware of the router on a regular basis. Thus the network admin should install these updates on the router. This will lead to the smooth functioning of the router. The admin will need to follow a set of procedures to update the firmware of the router.

Router Firmware Upgrade

Router Firmware Upgrade procedure

The admin of the network will have to install the updates of the firmware on the router. These can be installed from the admin panel of the router by using the following procedure.

  • Connect the device with the router network.
  • Now open the admin login console of the router. The procedure to acces the admin login console is given below.
  • Now go to the router settings.
  • Click on Firmware upgrade.
  • Click on check for updates.
  • The router will now check for the updates.
  • If the updates are available then click on update.
  • The router will now start to update the firmware. Admin Login

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