Static IP Address

By | April 19, 2019

IP Address

An IP Address can be defined as an internet address for a device which is connected with the internet. This address helps the device to collect or send information over the internet. The IP Address ( can also act as the Default router IP Address for many router manufacturers. It can also act as a Default gateway in a local network. The IP Addresses can be further classified in various types. Here we will discuss the Static IP Address. So the users must check the article to get these details.

Static IP Address

A static IP Address can also be called as the Fixed IP Address. this IP does not change with time. This IP Address is used in a local network or to assign to the devices like printers or websites, servers etc. It is assigned either by the Internet Services provider or by the admin of the local network. The fixed IP address in a local network can prove to be very helpful.

Static IP Address

How to assign Static IP?

A static IP can be assigned by the network admin by using the admin panel of the router. The network admin will need to access the admin panel of the router to assign this IP Address. The procedure as given below will help the users to understand the assigning of the static IP to a device in a local network.

  • Make sure the device is on the network as assigned by the router.
  • Now open the browser in the device.
  • Here the user must enter the Default Router IP in the search bar & hit enter.
  • Now the user will need to access the admin panel by using the admin login details.
  • Go to the DHCP Client Settings.
  • Assign the values of Mac address of the device & the IP Address.
  • Click on save.

The device will get the Static IP by using this procedure.

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